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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
51FehlerErledigtNormalremove sessions of user/token on delete26 April 2016 21:06
40FehlerErledigtNormaldisable clients does not workThe 2nd10 February 2015 23:55
36FehlerErledigtNormalsetting group max_fail should disable lockingThe 2nd01 February 2015 20:54
35FehlerErledigtNormalsession timeout pass on is not done recursiveThe 2nd01 February 2015 20:40
34FehlerErledigtNormalsetting user description does not workThe 2nd31 January 2015 22:15
21FehlerErledigtNormalunder some circumstances not all child sessions get createdThe 2nd19 January 2015 21:34
16FehlerErledigtNormalOTPme should handle missing config file parametersThe 2nd18 January 2015 13:41
15FehlerErledigtNormalfind_free_uuid() does not check session uuidsThe 2nd16 January 2015 00:03
14FehlerErledigtNormaladding child group or session does not work if child group name is a part of parent group nameThe 2nd15 January 2015 21:52
8FehlerErledigtNormalmake sure there is only one session master in parent > child treeThe 2nd18 January 2015 00:34
1FehlerErledigtNormalmissing AUTH_OK_OTP message for ntlm verficationThe 2nd11 January 2015 18:22

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