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07 August 2018

14:30 OTPme Feature #79 (Neu): Implement load balancing
* Authentication requests should be handled by all nodes
** We need to sync data between nodes
*** Sessions
**** N...
14:28 OTPme Feature #78 (Neu): Implement master node failover
* The master node owns the virtual cluster IP
* All nodes should send/receive heartbeat messages to detect if a node...
14:23 OTPme Feature #56 (In Bearbeitung): Implement OTPme scripts
14:22 OTPme Feature #53 (In Bearbeitung): implement hardware token/smartcard deployment
14:22 OTPme Feature #54 (In Bearbeitung): add ACL support for OTPme objects (e.g. users, tokens, groups etc.)
14:21 OTPme Feature #55 (In Bearbeitung): Add support to replace a token
14:21 OTPme Feature #74: Implement signature tags
* Implemented signing tags to check e.g. if the signer is member of a given group
14:16 OTPme Feature #57: Implement signing of OTPme scripts
* Added otpme-tool add/del_signer command to handle host/node local allowed signers
** Valid signers are users and r...
14:08 OTPme Feature #57 (In Bearbeitung): Implement signing of OTPme scripts
14:08 OTPme Feature #58 (In Bearbeitung): Implement preloading of objects

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