OTPme 0.1-rc2 release candiate available for download

Added by The 2nd about 9 years ago

This version comes with a fix for the new feature "timeout pass on" introduced in the last -rc1 release (#35) and some more bugfixes.

Fixed issues and improvements
  • fixed issue #34 (setting user description does not work)
  • fixed issue #35 (session timeout pass on is not done recursive)
  • fixed issue #36 (setting group max_fail should disable locking)
  • fixed wrong whitespaces in show_groups()
  • fixed problem with completion if main options (-d, -l) where given
  • fixed wrong user in su of logrotate sample config
  • added daily to logrotate sample config
  • added sample config for openldap
  • added FAQ file
  • improved otpme-token completion: only complete valid tokens (e.g. otp token on "otpme-token gen ...")