From 05 June 2015 to 04 July 2015

04 July 2015

03:07 Feature #47 (In Bearbeitung): add support for a second factor token (e.g. HOTP) to add some additional security to otpme ssh-agent autentication
it should be possible to combine an ssh-token with an other token (e.g HOTP) to require an OTP beside the ssh private... The 2nd
03:01 Feature #46 (In Bearbeitung): add ssh-token support for authentication with OTPme daemons
this feature is implemented using an ssh token that holds the public key of the user. otpme command line tools use a ... The 2nd
02:54 Feature #42 (Erledigt): add OATH support
The 2nd
02:49 Feature #43 (In Bearbeitung): QR-Code based token rollout
added QRCode support for OATH HOTP/TOTP tokens.
MOTP support for Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator needs some more i...
The 2nd
02:31 Feature #41 (In Bearbeitung): Add daemon mode to OTPme
The 2nd
02:30 Feature #44 (Erledigt): add optional PIN to OATH OTPs
The 2nd
02:30 Feature #45 (In Bearbeitung): add backend encryption for all sensitive data
current implementation uses AES encryption in CFB mode.
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
from Crypto import Random
The 2nd

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