Fehler #1

missing AUTH_OK_OTP message for ntlm verfication

Added by The 2nd over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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11 January 2015
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doing ntlm verification with otpme-auth the second-last line is missing AUTH_OK_OTP

  1. otpme-auth -d verify_ntlm testuser1 3f58375faf829603 97782e415a958e11d6790387147c15b3ac5bf277be9f95e3 roundcube
    DEBUG: Processing ntlm authentication request.
    DEBUG: Client 'roundcube' exists.
    DEBUG: Got access group 'webmail' from client config.
    DEBUG: Doing ntlm session verification.
    DEBUG: Verifying session 'testuser1:webmail:ntlm:a8b911b3b06734d8f3374f70398aebee'.
    DEBUG: No session found for this request.
    DEBUG: Selecting user tokens based on access_group 'webmail'.
    DEBUG: Selecting token 'mobile-otp' based on access group 'webmail'.
    DEBUG: Will try the following otp tokens to verify this request: mobile-otp
    DEBUG: Verifying static password tokens...
    DEBUG: Verifying otp tokens...
    DEBUG: Verifying token 'mobile-otp'.
    DEBUG: Token 'mobile-otp' verified successful.
    DEBUG: Adding OTP from this session to used OTPs of the user.
    DEBUG: Found a valid session master: 'webmail'.
    DEBUG: adding parent session 'testuser1:webmail:ntlm:e2426b33b59bba1846ee0c53950b00ca'
    DEBUG: adding child session 'testuser1:imap:ntlm:4f3ca1526ab46154cfa3812c531676dc'.
    DEBUG: adding child session 'testuser1:smtp:ntlm:59003b03133b91503bd8dc20a4f0712a'.
    INFO: : user=testuser1 token=mobile-otp access_group=webmail client=roundcube client_ip= auth_type=ntlm session=new:e2426b33b59bba1846ee0c53950b00ca
    NT_KEY: 4B08626DED20567648A3C1B09A35044C


#1 Updated by The 2nd over 7 years ago

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  • Target version set to OTPme 0.1-beta1

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