From 13 December 2014 to 11 January 2015

11 January 2015

22:42 Feature #5 (Erledigt): child sessions should not inherit timeout values
using separate timeout values for child sessions is a good idea. currently child sessions inherit timeout values from... The 2nd
18:44 Feature #4 (Neu): add motp offset
currently this is an undocumented (incomplete) feature and offset is in 10 second timestep.
- offset should be giv...
The 2nd
18:32 Feature #3 (Erledigt): add optional powered-by logo to roundcube plugin
- add config option
- add large and small logos in white and black
The 2nd
18:27 Feature #2 (In Bearbeitung): add auto-disable option for users
add an option to automatically disable user (also for groups and tokens? and for user/group relation?)
- after a giv...
The 2nd
18:22 Fehler #1 (Erledigt): missing AUTH_OK_OTP message for ntlm verfication
The 2nd
18:10 Fehler #1 (Erledigt): missing AUTH_OK_OTP message for ntlm verfication

doing ntlm verification with otpme-auth the second-last line is missing AUTH_OK_OTP
# otpme-auth -d verify_ntlm ...
The 2nd
14:38 OTPme 0.1-beta1 release
OTPme 0.1-beta1 is the first public release of OTPme available for "download": The 2nd

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