From 13 September 2015 to 12 October 2015

01 October 2015

00:47 Feature #57 (In Bearbeitung): Implement signing of OTPme scripts
It should be possible to sign OTPme scripts and allow only execution of signed scripts. The 2nd
00:45 Feature #56 (In Bearbeitung): Implement OTPme scripts
It should be possible to add script objects to OTPme (e.g. a script to start gpg-agent) that should be synced to any ... The 2nd

18 September 2015

17:37 Feature #7 (Abgewiesen): add ability to move a token from one user to another
This functionality is obsoleted by the introduction of OTPme roles. The original intention for this feature was to al... The 2nd
15:15 Feature #55 (In Bearbeitung): Add support to replace a token
It should be possible to replace a token by another one (e.g. replace MOTP token by a HOTP token). This is useful bec... The 2nd

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