From 14 September 2015 to 13 October 2015

13 October 2015

00:28 Feature #58 (In Bearbeitung): Implement preloading of objects
To speed up first run of commands after daemon startup there should be an option to instruct OTPme daemons to pre loa... The 2nd

02 October 2015

00:47 Feature #57 (In Bearbeitung): Implement signing of OTPme scripts
It should be possible to sign OTPme scripts and allow only execution of signed scripts. The 2nd
00:45 Feature #56 (In Bearbeitung): Implement OTPme scripts
It should be possible to add script objects to OTPme (e.g. a script to start gpg-agent) that should be synced to any ... The 2nd

18 September 2015

17:37 Feature #7 (Abgewiesen): add ability to move a token from one user to another
This functionality is obsoleted by the introduction of OTPme roles. The original intention for this feature was to al... The 2nd
15:15 Feature #55 (In Bearbeitung): Add support to replace a token
It should be possible to replace a token by another one (e.g. replace MOTP token by a HOTP token). This is useful bec... The 2nd

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