From 12 March 2016 to 10 April 2016

10 April 2016

22:12 Feature #71 (In Bearbeitung): Add policy to restrict login times
* We may use the crontab syntax to define valid login times
* It should be possible to add this policy type to users...
The 2nd

09 April 2016

17:34 Feature #41: Add daemon mode to OTPme
Added joind to handle realm join request etc. The 2nd
17:32 Feature #2 (In Bearbeitung): add auto-disable option for users
This feature is implemented as a policy now. This allows us to assign the auto disable feature to users, tokens, host... The 2nd
17:27 Feature #67: Implement deployment of SSH public keys
This feature is implemented now as follows:
* SSH tokens can be assigned to roles, accessgroups, nodes, hosts and gr...
The 2nd

01 April 2016

01:52 Feature #67 (In Bearbeitung): Implement deployment of SSH public keys
The 2nd

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