From 20 July 2015 to 18 August 2015

18 August 2015

22:41 Feature #41: Add daemon mode to OTPme
* added first version of syncd and hostd to sync objects (users, groups etc.) as well as token data (e.g. OTP counter) The 2nd

07 August 2015

01:53 Feature #9 (In Bearbeitung): add -f option to disable any user question for cli tools
* global option -f added
* needs testing
The 2nd

29 July 2015

23:03 Feature #50: add support for offline tokens
* basic offline support working
* current implementation needs a static part in the password/OTP that is used to enc...
The 2nd

26 July 2015

23:14 Fehler #51 (Erledigt): remove sessions of user/token on delete
if a user/token gets deleted all session that belong to it should be deleted The 2nd

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