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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
38FeatureErledigtNormaladd support for push-token (e.g. sms)The 2nd06 July 2015 14:17
37FeatureNeuNormalimplement support for different hash types for CTP generation in roundcube pluginThe 2nd02 February 2015 21:34
33FeatureErledigtNormalimplement module to be used with freeradius rlm_pythonThe 2nd30 January 2015 20:04
32FeatureErledigtNormaladd sample config for openldapThe 2nd01 February 2015 00:50
31FeatureErledigtNormalchild sessions should be identifiable via "otpme-session show"The 2nd24 January 2015 20:18
30FeatureErledigtNormaladd option to configure hash type for CTP and SLP generationThe 2nd02 February 2015 21:34
28FeatureNeuNormaladd phpmyadmin sample configThe 2nd24 January 2015 14:46
27FeatureNeuNormaladd sample config for mysql using pam_radiusThe 2nd24 January 2015 14:35
26FeatureNeuNormaladd sample config for openvpn authenticationThe 2nd24 January 2015 14:32
24FeatureErledigtNormaladd bash completion for OTPme commandsThe 2nd24 January 2015 00:20
23FeatureErledigtNormalmodify log_passwords feature for logging of all auth infos (e.g. challenge/response)The 2nd22 January 2015 22:12
22FeatureErledigtNormaladd option to force CTP usageThe 2nd03 February 2015 21:43
19FeatureErledigtNormalfollowing logout requests should not be counted as failed loginThe 2nd02 February 2015 21:01
18FeatureErledigtNormaladd user authorization scriptThe 2nd02 February 2015 18:37
17FeatureErledigtNormaladd token type that will call an external script for user authenticationThe 2nd02 February 2015 18:37
16FehlerErledigtNormalOTPme should handle missing config file parametersThe 2nd18 January 2015 13:41
13FeatureErledigtNormalsessions should be grouped by parent/child relation in show_sessions()The 2nd16 January 2015 01:11
12FeatureErledigtNormaladd sort feature to show_sessions()The 2nd16 January 2015 15:02
11FeatureErledigtNormaladd min_len, max_len and default_len for static password tokensThe 2nd18 January 2015 00:31
10FeatureErledigtNormalimplement otpme-token showThe 2nd24 January 2015 14:51
8FehlerErledigtNormalmake sure there is only one session master in parent > child treeThe 2nd18 January 2015 00:34
6FeatureErledigtNormaladd max_sessions feature to access groupsThe 2nd14 January 2015 17:34
4FeatureNeuNormaladd motp offsetThe 2nd11 January 2015 18:44
3FeatureErledigtNormaladd optional powered-by logo to roundcube pluginThe 2nd13 January 2015 22:23

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