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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
79OTPmeFeatureNeuNormalImplement load balancingThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:31
78OTPmeFeatureNeuNormalImplement master node failoverThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:28
77OTPmeFehlerNeuNiedrigImprove multiprocessing shared object usage in OTPme backend.The 2nd05 February 2017 14:23
76OTPmeFeatureNeuNormalImplement REST API05 February 2017 12:01
75OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd search index22 January 2017 23:44
74OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement signature tags07 August 2018 14:21
73OTPmeFeatureNeuNormalExtend the current integrated CA to a full blown CAThe 2nd07 May 2016 20:10
72OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAllow LDAP authentication to different accessgroupsThe 2nd15 April 2016 23:42
71OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd policy to restrict login times10 April 2016 22:12
70OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement argon2 support for AES key derivationThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:05
69OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd support for user/group resolving via libnss30 December 2015 03:02
68OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd optional support for signing authentication repliesThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:06
67OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement deployment of SSH public keysThe 2nd09 April 2016 17:27
66OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAllow usage of U2F token as second factor token with "password" tokensThe 2nd31 December 2015 14:32
65OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalimplement revoking of script signaturesThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:18
64OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement U2F tokenThe 2nd31 December 2015 14:32
63OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement token authorization scriptThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:06
62OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement user authorization scriptThe 2nd30 December 2015 02:46
61OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement login scriptThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:07
60OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement SSH agent scriptThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:04
59OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd header to encrypted attributesThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:07
58OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement preloading of objectsThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:08
57OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement signing of OTPme scriptsThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:21
56OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalImplement OTPme scriptsThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:23
55OTPmeFeatureIn BearbeitungNormalAdd support to replace a tokenThe 2nd07 August 2018 14:21
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